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Neurological Rehabilitation Program

Paragon’s Neurological Rehabilitation Programs offers state of the art personalized programming for individuals suffering from an acute or chronic neurological condition. Paragon is committed to providing a multi-disciplinary team of specialists with experts in helping patients maximize their potential for an active and productive lifestyle.


  • Restore physical and cognitive skills needed to perform daily activities
  • Regain mobility by building strength and balance
  • Improve speech and swallowing
  • Management of tone & spasticity to promote functional use of affected extremities
  • Successful cognitive retraining and compensatory strategies for community integration


  • Individualized physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy up to 3 hours a day, 7 days per week
  • Physiatry & Neuropsychology
  • Certified Brain Injury Specialists (CBIS)
  • Site Specific Neuro Coordinators
  • Balance, vestibular training and visual training
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Individual and group counseling, focused on insight building and acceptance

Paragon facilities that offer our renowned Neurological Rehabilitation Program are North Westchester Restorative Therapy & Nursing Center, Emerge Nursing & Rehabilitation at Glen Cove, and Quantum Rehabilitation & Nursing. Visit our Career Opportunities page to see current opportunities.

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Neuro rehab at Paragon

Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation is the “gold standard” treatment for individuals who have chronic breathing or coronary problems. Participation in this program allows our patients to:

  • Improve lung and cardiac functioning
  • Participate in telemetry monitored cardiac rehabilitation
  • Reduce and minimize symptoms
  • Make daily activities easier with less shortness of breath
  • Increase exercise tolerance including strength, endurance and independence
  • Improve participating in physical and social activities
  • Develop strategies for daily activities

On-site pulmonary and cardiac rounds are provided for all participants.

Patients are provided with a complete program designed around their condition.

Orthopedic Care

Paragons innovative protocol has been developed by leading orthopedists to monitor and adjust our patients’ recovery over the course of their stay. By carefully documenting how our patients respond uniquely to therapy, we can adjust treatment to ensure that strength, mobility, and flexibility return to optimum levels.

Wound Care

Paragon Facilities Wound Care Teams are comprised of Physicians, Physician Extenders, Registered Dieticians, and Wound Care Nurses. Our highly trained, professional staff specializes in treating the most difficult wounds, including wound vac management. Wound care rounds allow our professionals to continuously monitor and adjust treatment to promote successful healing.

Amputee Program

Our goal is to speed your healing, restore your confidence and provide you with the skills to return home and live as independently as possible.

Paragon’s Amputee Rehabilitation Program is a two-phase program individually tailored to each patient’s complex needs:


  • Phase I: Pain control, healing, emotional support and preparing the limb for the prosthesis.
  • Phase II: Education and training regarding the use, care and function of the prosthesis. This phase involves restoring your confidence and integrating your prosthetic into daily mobility and activities of daily living.


Our highly organized multidisciplinary team approach that includes:


  • individualized program of exercise, health and wellness education
  • attentive and exemplary nursing care
  • individualized dietary and nutritional plan to promote optimal wound healing
  • specialized physicians that help guide and support the rehabilitation team
  • psychological support services to emotionally support you through this transition
Amputee program
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